MemCard Pro firmware update v1.2.0

A new firmware has just been released for the MicroSD-based memory card for the original PlayStation. There’s some bugfixes and one interesting new feature:  The ability to log into the card via wifi and a newly integrated FTP server!  This means you can back up and swap savegames without even removing the MicroSD!  A full list of changes since the previous update, can be found below the links and a full video review from launch day is available above:

Download the new firmware here:

UPDATE:  A new version that’s compatible with both the PS1 and PS2 is now available:  /
MicroSD Cards:

US / North America:

New Features

  • The MemCard PRO can now host an FTP Server that allows you to browse and manage your SD card files directly through your computer (FTP Client application required – please read the MemCard PRO manual for instructions on how to set up and use)

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • (MCU) Increase Wifi request buffer size to potentially fix issues with Chrom on a Mobile device
  • (MCU) Fixes an issue with Genko Suikogaiden Vol 1 where the save wouldn’t load
  • (MCU) Improve initialisation tasks, remove redundant code
  • (MCU) Should now mount “MemoryCard1” when the GameID is Main.exe
  • (Database) Add entry for SLPS-03354 – Zanac x Zanac
  • (Database) Add entry for SLES-01784 – Yoyo’s Puzzle Park
  • (Database) Add entry for SPLS-00891 – Zero Divide 2: The Secret Wish
  • (Database) Add entry for SCES-01094 – Zero Divide 2: The Secret Wish

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