Mega SD Expansion Adapter: First Look

I just received Mobius Strip Tech’s MSDEXP adapter and decided to invite Beast1x5 to help me put it through it’s paces.  The MSDEXP allows 32x CD games to be launched from the Mega SD (32x required!!!) and will allow you to leave your 32x connected when regular Sega CD games are launched; Currently the 32x needs to be removed for SCD games to run.  We tested every 32xCD game and it worked perfectly on every one.  For more information and to pre-order yours, check out the link below:

Pre-orders are available here:
Purchase the Mega SD here:

We also tested some Sega CD games which worked fine and confirmed that both roms and Krikzz’s Mega Everdrive Pro don’t work:  Please note that this is a limitation of the Genesis’ bus and not a problem with the Mega SD, or the expansion adapter.

For more information on these ROM carts, please check out the following videos:

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