Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Mega MIDI Interface for EverDrive X7/Pro

Robert Hargreaves has just finished implementing the Mega MIDI Interface for the Mega EverDrive X7 and X7 Pro models of krikzz’ designed flash carts for the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive.  This is a tool that allows composers to use krikzz’s cart for music creation in addition to its gaming capabilities.  Providing a solution similar to the likes of other Genesis MIDI projects which utilize real YM2612 or YM3438 sound chips in external hardware setups.  Example projects like Aidan Lawrence’s MIDI5 external FM Synth which has been covered here on RetroRGB in the past.

The Mega MIDI Interface along with help of the libOPNMIDI from Wohlstand.  Has mapped out the FM channels following the expanded Yamaha General MIDI standard known as XG.  With instruments and percussion set and mapped, music composers now have a chance to channel their inner Yuzo Koshiro as they create awesome sounding FM music.  Links will be down below.



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