Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Mega MIDI 5 Update

Aidan Lawrence has just released a new revision of his Mega MIDI 5 sound module.  He states that he, “drastically improved the digital/analog separation and have completely redesigned the amp and power circuitry.”  This device can now be powered via USB and no longer requires an external power brick adapter.  In addition to this, a new amp circuit based of the Mega Amp Mod has been introduced to help regulate the noise, sounds, and music levels composers want to hear.  As well as what they might not want to hear while working with this module.

The device is designed to connect to various music creation tools to compose and output music in while using genuine Genesis sound hardware.  Music configuration allows for use of real Yamaha YM2612 or YM3438 chips.  PSG audio is still available too.  Check out the project page on github and support is welcome as it is an open source project.