Mega Everdrive Pro Functions Overview

Krikzz has just posted a video that shows off some of the functionality of the upcoming Mega Everdrive Pro.  The videos showed the Sega CD and SVP (Virtua Racing) cores in action, running on a production-sample cartridge that’s the size of a normal Genesis cart.

Krikzz also showed off the in-game menu and savestates for both Genesis and Sega Master System games!  It was also confirmed that the SMS FM sound support from the original Mega Everdrive X7 will be retained.  Support for CD audio in Genesis games, such as Pier Solar was also confirmed and demo’d.

Another pretty funny bonus is the addition of a NES core, which is running on the cartridge’s FPGA.  While it might be weird to see and play a NES game on your Sega console/controller, this could be an excellent interim solution for people waiting on a NESRGB mod!

Krikzz confirmed the price at $199 and expects to open sales soon.

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