Mega Everdrive Pro Firmware v4.15

Krikzz has just released a few firmware updates for the Mega Everdrive Pro ROM Cart / ODE – First a main firmware update (v4.15), then a beta update to fix MD+ (4.16beta).  Some of the main features are each game gets their own subfolder of data, containing their own savegame files, cheat codes, etc.  This should make it much easier to manage.  There’s also a fix for people having issues with the 32x and Genesis consoles with VA4 motherboards.

Purchase a MEDPro Here:  Amazon / Stone Age Gamer /
Firmware Update Files:

The link above will bring you to the most current firmware, so if you see a later version than listed in this post, grab that instead.  Here’s a list of changes from the previous v.4.14 firmware:

  • Changes in folders structure*
  • NES core update
  • Fixed compatibility for pairs of 32X+VA4 motherboards
  • Improved recently played menu
  • Minor fixed for Mega-CD
  • Seems like MD+ games works now, not sure how it happens
  • SMS audio update
  • Menu dialog for deleting empty folders

*Each game has own subfolder where stored all data related to it (saves, cheats etc.)
All game data located in MEGA/gamedata


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