Mega Everdrive Pro Firmware Update

Krikzz has just released an updated firmware for the Mega Everdrive Pro.  This update fixes compatibility issues with the redump pack, that would previously not allow you to load games with multiple bin’s in the folder.  In my opinion, this was a crucial requirement, as without it, some games would require manual patching, rather than just used the pre-dumped set.

The full list of changes are as follows:

  • Fixed problem with SMS FM sound when it stops working if smsbios.sms not exists
  • Multi-bin CD images support
  • Save states preview right from In-Game menu (genesis mode only)
  • Ips auto patcher**
  • Included msu-md ips patches for games which been previously hacked for MD+***
  • Region fixes related to MegaSG

You can download the latest firmware here:

…and here’s the link to the MD+ patches:

*CD images storing rules changed. Please reffer to online manual for details:

**Built-in auto patcher engine allow to use ips patches without using patching software. Rom stays unchanged on disk but patched in cart RAM.
ips-msu folder for games executed in pair with CD (ROM+CD), ips-std for all other games.
There two ways for path and ROM association:
1. Patch name should match to ROM ID. ROM ID can be obtained in “Rom Info” menu.
2. Patch and ROM name should be the same.

***Just put original unpatched rom and CD image to the same folder, cue file name should match to the rom name. MD+ audio pack can be used as is for msu-md.
msu-md patches also can be used with any other flashcart in pair with original Mega-CD, in this case rom should be patched manually and audio packs should be burned to the disk.

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