MacOS Version of MDFourier Now Available

The MDFourier team has just launched a MacOS version of their analysis software.  This provides the same exact toolset as the Windows version, with the minimum supported OSX being 10.9 Mavericks.  The Windows version was also updated as well, with both versions at v1.01:

For anyone unfamiliar, the MDFourier software works by playing a series of test sounds via the 240p Test Suite on your console, which you then record.  Then, you use the PC/Mac software to compare that file to a recording of another…and the “another” is where things get interesting.  For example, the MiSTer team used this software to get the audio levels of the Genesis core lined up to the best revision of the Genesis, meaning the proper sound of a Genesis is now accurately preserved in the FPGA core!

Instructions and a download of the latest versions can be found here:

The 240p Test Suite has been an essential tool for almost all testing done on this website and the addition of MDFourier analysis has completely changed the way we test audio.  The entire team has been amazing and I’m proud to support this project.  If you have the ability to, I suggest you consider supporting as well:

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