Lockdown Giveaway Week #8: Triple Bypassed Genesis 3

For this week’s Lockdown Giveaway, I wanted to do something a bit special and give away a console from my personal collection:  A Sega Genesis 3, model VA2 with the latest Sega Triple Bypass (v2) installed!

This console has been modded by the lead installer in the 3BP project, Jose Cruz and its the same VA2 that I showed off in the recent triple bypass video!  This console will now output excellent quality audio and RGB video, but no composite video.  It also has support for Virtua Racing and Game Genie restored, which is the most you can get re-enabled from a VA2.  As a note, all Genesis 3’s with the Triple Bypass installed can play Sega CD games via a ROM cart like the Mega SD!  Please see the links below for more information:

Purchase a Sega Triple Bypass v2 here:
Genesis 3 Information:

…and if you haven’t seen the triple bypass video, please check it out!:

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