LG CX OLED: Lag Tests and OSSC Compatibility

UPDATE:  BFI mode lag tested, see below.

Here’s a video that lag tests the LG CX series of OLED TV’s, as well as tests for Open Source Scan Converter compatibility.  The specific model I tested was the OLED77CXPUA, but I’ve also tested the OLED55CXAUA and got the exact same excellent results.

LG CX-Series 77-inch OLED:
LG CX-Series 65-inch OLED:
LG CX-Series 55-inch OLED:
LG CX-Series 48-inch OLED:

Also, here’s info on other things discussed in the video:

Time Sleuth Lag Testing Device:
Lag Testing Setup & Scaler Measurements:
Digital Foundry 2020 TV Review:
RTings Testing & Calibration:


UPDATE 11/24:  BFI Mode.

I was able to go back and re-test the same TV with it’s “Black Frame Insertion” mode turned on.  BFI is a way to reduce flicker during fast motion and can bring the OLED TV closer to CRT-levels of performance in scrolling.  I didn’t test this in the original video, as the feature is hard to find!  I THINK this is what’s required to enable it, via the help of the RTings review:

First, you’ll need to disable any variable refresh rate (VRR) settings.  Then, make sure the TV is set to Game Mode (for support in all resolutions).  Then, go to: Settings\Picture\Picture Options\TruMotion and set it first to “User”, then “High”.

This mode absolutely darkens the overall image and stays very dim even when setting the OLED backlight to it’s maximum setting.  If you’re watching / gaming in a dark room, the brightness level might be fine, but in a sunny room it felt a bit too dim.  I absolutely noticed a difference in the scrolling though and it was an interesting effect.

Lag tested at around 26ms, which is about a full frame more then with this mode disabled.  The lag didn’t seem to vary though, so it still might be fine for most gamers.  In fact, even at 26ms, the lag is still lower than many previous generation OLED TV’s in their fastest mode:

So, is a dark image and an extra frame of lag worth the enhanced scrolling?  If you already own this TV, definitely take the time to test it out with a fast-moving game like any of the Sonic’s.  I think regardless of what you decide is better for you, the test will be worth your time.

Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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