I was recently a guest on the Cathode Ray Podcast, where we tested an LCD PVM “live”.  Unfortunately, they’re expensive, extremely laggy, only support 15KHz (so no 480p) and the LCD’s dark-to-bright speed is so slow, it should be used on Wikipedia as THE example of motion blur.  Basically, if you get one for free, have fun…but do not buy one for gaming or even testing.  For all the details you’ll need – as well as a chance to see what a train-wreck I am on camera after not sleeping at all the previous night – please check out the podcast above, or on all audio-only platforms.  More info below the links:

Retro Tech (Steve) Patreon:
Catode Ray Podcast:
Retro Tech YouTube Channel:
Zez Retro YouTube Channel:

If you’d like more info on this LCD PVM, how it was repaired and what else Steve discovered about it, please check out his video series on it.  While the monitor is not something I’d ever recommend buying, I still loved learning more about it and seeing the transition between the CRT and flat-panel era in the pro-monitor field.  It’s obvious people who bought this back in 2006 did so imply because of weight;  I imagine news crews and documentarians using these on-site, yet still relying on a CRT-based PVM or BVM in the editing room when quality mattered.  Check it out for yourself and see what you think!

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