Jaguar GameDrive Status Updates

Update 2022/01/28:  Both the US and UK distributor has stock, however James has warned people that due to the global part shortage, this might be the last time they’re in stock for awhile.  While he didn’t specify a date, I’ve been getting estimated delivery dates of 2023 from many vendors and I’d assume it’s the same for everyone:

Jaguar GameDrive (US Seller):
Jaguar GameDrive (UK Seller):

MicroSD Cards:
Latest Firmware Info:

The GameDrive ROM cart for the Atari Jaguar has been in high demand since it’s release.  The project’s had a few manufacturing delays and now with a global part shortage, things are even more challenging.  James aka Saint from RetroHQ has been pushing to get as many out as possible, even in small batches.  I wanted to use this page as a placeholder with the most up-to-date-information, to re-post every time more are available.

I’ll update this page (and list changes here) any time there’s a small change in info.  Once a large quantity stock has been shipped, or there’s any major changes to the project, I’ll clear this page and just leave a link to the most updated into.  As of now, another larger batch is expected soon, so if you see the above links are sold out, check back in a bit.

If you’d like to hear more about the Jaguar Game Drive, as well as more info on James’ stories history, please check out the podcast we did below.

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