Jaguar GameDrive Firmware v1.13

James from RetroHQ has recently released a new firmware for the JagGD ROM cart.  This update adds compatibility for VidGrid & World Tour Racing – Two Jaguar CD games that previously wouldn’t work.  It also adds memory track support and fixes instability errors with developers using PC uploads.  Most users can get this firmware by entering the GameDrive’s menu, hitting “Option” and scanning the QR code for a direct link to the firmware that matches your cart.

Jaguar GameDrive (US Seller):
Jaguar GameDrive (UK Seller):

First, if you’re an owner of the original JagGD batch, you can get your update here.  Next, just for reference, this update brings the entire system to the following revisions:  Firmware V1.13, ASIC V1.09, Menu V1.09, Stub V1.06.

If you’d like to see the JagGD in action, you can check it out in the livestream below.  And to hear more from the creator James, either search any podcast app for “RetroRGB RetroHQ”, or see the video interview below:

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