Jaguar BigPEmu v1.06 Release – Native Resolution Rendering!

Developer and non-kitchy YouTube personality Rich Whitehouse has just released version 1.06 of his Atari Jaguar BigPEmu.  This adds a ton of features, including the ability to use scripting to increate framerates and hack games to render some elements in higher resolutions!  He’s also added mouse (and spinner!) support, as well as developer options that let you make changes without recompiling.  More info below the links and check out the video above to see Rich explain and demo some of these new dev features!:

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Download BigPEmu:

This new build of the emulator opens up SO MANY possibilities for the Jaguar!  Theoretically, the community could build scripts to “upgrade” any Jaguar game.  Rich already includes scripts that let AVP run at a faster framerate and a script that lets Cybermorph render polygons/textures at the native resolution.  Imagine if we could utilize this emulator to also do things like increate Cybermorph’s draw distance to farther than three feet in front of your ship!?!?  I’m really interested to see where people take it from here, but for now, here’s the full release notes – And if you’d like to hear more from Rich, check out the interview we did below:

Version 1.06 Release Notes:

  • New scripting system. In developer mode, scripts are auto-recompiled on startup. Developer options are also available to automatically detect script changes while the application is running. Compiled scripts must be enabled through a new Script Modules feature.
  • A new script is included which allows Cybermorph to render polygons/textures at the native resolution.
  • An option for adjusting MSAA has been added to the video settings. This is only relevant to things which use the native depth buffer, like the new Cybermorph script.
  • A new script is included which allows uncapping the framerate in Alien vs. Predator.
  • A new script is included which fixes flickering in the Brett Hull Hockey prototype.
  • A simplified CRT library along with a whole bunch of BigPEmu-specific API functionality is included in the scripting system via the Scripts/bigpcrt library.
  • Basic native DLL (CDECL) call functionality has been implemented in the scripting API, so that others can take the initiative to start implementing things like RetroAchievements as desired.
  • Added native mouse input support. (must be enabled in the input settings) Mouse movement and buttons can be bound to analog, rotary, and digital inputs interchangeably.
  • Some more work on debugger-enabled builds has been done behind the scenes, but this shouldn’t affect anything user-facing just yet.
  • Even more terrible secrets have been added.
  • Made sure native rendering works even with a Screen Effect active. However, this isn’t generally a recommended combination, as the effect will be sourcing from a native-resolution buffer instead of a Jaguar-resolution buffer. (post-Patreon build addition)
  • Added a -conout command line option. Under Windows, this spawns a console and directs log output here instead of to a file. (post-Patreon build addition)

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