Is $200 low enough for Arcade1UP’s Tempest?

Walmart has just dropped the price of the Tempest / Asteroids machine to $200.  After Ray’s review last week, I pretty much gave up all hope on those machines…but at $200, maybe it’s worth revisiting.  Will the spinner controls, arcade-style cabinet and LCD screen be cheaper than a DIY option?  Honestly, I think it comes close.  In my opinion, if you already planned on using an LCD screen and a spinner / rotary controller, you might consider using this and a Raspberry Pi.  

Of course, anyone who planned on using a CRT should definitely stay away and build a more serious piece of equipment.  Also…I wonder how cheap these are to make if Walmart can afford to dump them off at $200?:

UPDATE:  Now that a jailbreak has been discovered, this might be even more worthy of a second look!:

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