Interview with the Dreamcast HDMI creator chriz2600

Here’s an interview with the Dreamcast HDMI creator, chriz2600. We talk about his FPGA solution, dual analog and HDMI outputs up to 1080p and other idea’s he’s been working on:


Here’s links to everything we talked about:
Dreamcast HDMI Project:
Sn63/Pb37 is usually eutectic: e.g.

The third paragraph of the wikipedia article ( explains eutectic vs non-eutectic much better than me 🙂

Link to Dan’s shop: 

A note from Christof:  
“Two things, I forgot during the interview:

1. Because of the “github acquired by microsoft” situation, I wanted to address, that it’s really easy in git, to push to more than one repository at the same time (git was designed to be distributed). E.g. is also available on

2. DreamcastHDMI and the FirmwareManager (WiFi upgrade tool) are auto build, and automatically deployed to the firmware website using gitlab-ci.
You can see the builds on the gitlab website, one example: “



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