IDE / PATA Emulator – Pre-Orders Open

Fixel has just opened pre-orders on the previously announced IDE Emulator.  The price is $319 plus shipping and they’re due to ship before summer.  It will come populated with both 40 and 44pin headers, that should allow your IDE cable to connect directly on it.  More info below the link…

Pre-Order Here:

This device should have the potential to emulate any IDE device, without worrying about compatibility:  Unplug your IDE optical (or zip) drive and insert this in it’s place with no modification needed to your target device.  The sky’s really the limit here and it should work with everything from old PC’s to disc-based arcade hardware like the Konami M2.

There’s a lot to discuss about this, but for now, check out the initial set of features:

  • high speed FPGA based emulator
  • can reach up to UDMA6 speeds
  • 8 and 16 bit supported
  • allows multi device emulation (both master and slave on one connector)
  • CD/DVD emulation with high quality stereo DAC output
  • DVDRam emulation
  • ZIP disk emulation
  • Superdisk emulation
  • HDD emulation (with configurable parameters, CHS or LBA supported)
  • high speed microSD interface
  • optional LCD/OLED display with rotary encoder (separate purchase)
  • optional WiFi module (separate purchase)

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