HyperFlash 32 – July 2020 Updates

Kevin Mellott has just send out an update about both the status and schedule of the HyperFlash 32 project.  Overall, it’s mostly on schedule, with a few notable updates:

  • Mostly on-schedule, with product due to ship by the end of this year.
  • All the hardware functions of HF32 have now been verified.
  • Flashing time right now for a 32Mbit file is ~90 seconds, but most games are much smaller.
  • Complete in box option (shown above) will be available at an extra charge, created by Mumphy.
  • Digital artwork for each retail game will be available at launch, also created by Mumphy (with other community members creating their own custom ones as well).
  • Windows GUI with developer mode will be available (but not required), created by Thunderstruck.
  • A haptics unit was added to the cart:

The haptics unit should be a really cool addition, as it’ll give feedback that you’ve touched a button and triggered an action to happen.  This also helps with the somewhat slow response of the eInk display to know something is about to happen.  You can see a picture of the haptic coin motor below (click for full-sized).  It’s an ERM but will likely get switched to a more efficient LRA haptic.  Either way, it shouldn’t affect the price by more than a few dollars, if at all:

So, overall it seems like the project is moving along nicely!  I’m really looking forward to checking it out!

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