Rany Battikh

HDMI cables for Xbox and Dreamcast by Hyperkin

Hyperkin are now selling HDMI cables for both the original Xbox and the Sega Dreamcast.

The “Panorama” cable for the OG Xbox supports resolutions up to 1080i (a handful of games were released for the system that can display in 1080i like: “Enter the Matrix”, “Dragon’s Lair 3D: Return to the Lair” and “MX vs ATV Unleashed”) and subsequently lower resolutions namely 720p and 480p.

It sure is a massive improvement over the system’s composite 480i video output but how well does it compare to decent component cables hooked to a BVM or an OSSC?

The Dreamcast cable, on the other hand, is generically named “HD cable for Dreamcast” and supports the system’s maximum resolution of 480p (currently only attainable through a VGA box/cable).

Note that the “Panorama” is officially licensed by Microsoft.

Those products are most likely directed to people who want to bypass expensive, but optimal, solutions like the Framemeister and the OSSC, and just want to enjoy their old consoles in a plug-and-play fashion.

Both cables are now available on Hyperkin’s online shop and they’re fairly priced at 30$, each.

Panorama: https://www.hyperkin.com/panorama-hd-cable-for-original-xbox-hyperkin-officially-licensed-by-xbox.html

HD cable for Dreamcast: https://www.hyperkin.com/hd-cable-for-dreamcast-hyperkin.html