Good Games on Failed Consoles Featuring John Linneman

I recently spoke with John Linneman of Digital Foundry to talk about games worth playing on some more obscure consoles.  It’s a conversation that I’ve wanted to have for awhile, as most games in that era are available across multiple consoles and I was wondering if there’s any exclusives, or ports that are “must plays” on each console.  This is available as a video (YouTube above, BitChute below), as well as everywhere audio podcasts can be found:

John = @dark1x  /

While I wouldn’t necessarily suggest going out and buying these consoles just to play these versions of the games, if you already own these consoles, here’s our list of games worth talking about!  These cover each console we discussed, including games we think are worth spending some time with, as well as games we think might be fun to check out for a bit, just for the heck of it.

Please keep in mind these are just our opinions and not an exhaustive list of all good games on a platform;  Just a list based on a fun conversation and any console exclusives will be marked with a *:

Sega 32x

Must Play’s:

Shadow Squadron / Stellar Assault*
Virtua Racing

Fun To Experience:

Knuckles Chaotix*
NBA Jam TE:  Slightly better than the Genesis version, but not a drastic difference.
Mortal Kombat II:  Slightly better than the Genesis version, but not a drastic difference.
Virtua Fighter (if you’re into Sega arcade ports)
After Burner (if you’re into Sega arcade ports)
Space Harrier (if you’re into Sega arcade ports)

So bad you have to try them:

Pretty much any 32xCD game.

Atari Jaguar

Must Play’s

Tempest 2000 with a spinner controller
Super Burnout*

Fun To Experience:

Doom, especially if you can use the JagLink.  Beware of ‘demons’ ;p
Another World
Alien Vs Predator

So bad you have to try them:

Trevor McFur*
Checkered Flag*
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Atari Karts*

Philips CDi

Must Play’s:

The Apprentice*
Lost Eden
The Lost Ride

Fun To Experience:

Thunder In Paradise*
The 7th Guest
Burn Cycle

So bad you have to try them:

The Zelda Games*
All the rest?  ;p


Must Play’s:

Star Fighter
Return Fire
Return Fire: Maps O’ Death (expansion pack)
Stellar 7: Draxon’s Revenge
Mega Race
Killing Time

Fun To Experience:

Road Rash
Need For Speed
Samurai Showdown
Street Fighter II

So bad you have to try them:

Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties (or just watch the AVGN video…that’s probably more fun)


We also discussed a few Sega CD games that sometimes don’t get enough recognition.  Once again, this is by no means a list of “the best” SCD games, just ones we mentioned in the video, in alphabetical order:

AH-3 Thunderstrike (aka Thunderhawk)
Android Assault
Earthworm Jim
Ecco The Dolphin 1 &2
Final Fight CD
Lunar: The Silver Star
Mickey Mania
Pitfall The Mayan Adventure
Popful Mail
Rise Of The Dragon
Robo Aleste (released in Japan as Dennin Aleste)
Sonic CD

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