GG Aleste 3 Cartridge & Digital Edition Announced

M2 has recently announced a new sequel to the Aleste series, titled GG Aleste 3.  This game will be available a few different ways:

  • On the PS4 and Switch versions of the Aleste Collection, which also includes Aleste / Power Strike (Mark III, Master System), Power Strike II (Master System, previously unreleased outside of Europe), Aleste GG (Game Gear) and Aleste GG II (Game Gear).
  • Those versions of the game, also bundled with a white, special edition of the Game Gear Micro;  The Micro also includes the first two GG Aleste games, as well as Power Strike I & II.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on releases outside of Japan, however they’re available on

Switch + Game Gear Micro:
PS4 + Game Gear Micro:

M2 also created a mockup of what the box art would have looked like if it has a physical Game Gear release.  Personally, I’d have preferred a limited edition run of a real GG cart over a gimmicky micro!  Maybe creative members of the retro gaming community will make their own using a rom dumped from the digital version, then bundle it with an actual Switch or PS4 hard copy in order to sell a “legal” copy?  Or maybe that’s too much of a grey area…

Thanks to Kidshoruken for the translation help!

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