Genesis Gaiares Official Re-Release

Retro-Bit has just announced they’re opening pre-orders from now until December 19th on an official re-print of the Genesis shmup Gaiares.  This release includes a clear cartridge shell, that lets you see right into the PCB designed by René from db Electronics – Which of course will have properly beveled edges and is 100% safe to use:

Pre-order from Castlemania:
Main link:

While I normally care most about the basics (cart, case, PCB), I have to point out how much effort Retro-Bit put into the “collectors edition extras” that come with it:  Not only did they hunt down the same kid (James Bunker) who was the face of the original Gaiares ads for an interview, but they had him re-create the same photo today (sans mullet).  AND the collectors edition comes with the same shirt he’s wearing in the ad!

This seems like one of the coolest re-releases I’ve seen.  Check out the links above for the list of everything the package includes, as well as the video on top of this post.

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