GDEMU & Rhea Pre-Orders opening 12/8/18 and 12/15/18

Although the difficulty of actually buying either a GDEMU or a Rhea has often neared the bar set by Limited Run Games, that is to say harder than beating Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts with one hand, there will be another chance coming up! For those unfamiliar, the GDEMU and Rhea are Optical Drive Emulators for the Sega Dreamcast and Sega Saturn, respectively. The creator, in a blog post, had this to say:

I’m still quite busy…. It’s December now and I wish to avoid shipping anything I don’t have to until 2019…. Now, just because I’m not shipping anything this month doesn’t mean I can’t take orders and prepare for January. In fact I’m already stockpiling devices for that very purpose. So next Saturday I will open orders for GDEMU, and then, on the Saturday after that, for Rhea.”  

When on Saturday you ask? As is his usual operating procedure, there is not even a hint to that answer available. 

Before you run off to set a reminder on your smartphones, or pencil it into your graphic organizer, allow me to wish you luck, and probably offer you some solace in advance.