GBS-Control Cases & Complete Kits For Sale

EDIT 2021:  The cost of this kit seems to have raised substantially.  Please check the Tindie link for updated pricing and decide if you feel it’s still worth it.

Chipnetics Computing, makers of the Sync Slayer and other products have just released kits for the GBS-Control project.  Shipping starts at $15 to the US and Canada, with other countries being charged at the going shipping rates and the kit prices are as follows:

  • $80 for a complete kit, including WiFi module, software installation, Clockgen mod and power supply.
  • $66 for the same kit without the Clockgen mod.
  • $10 for just the acrylic case and standoffs.

Prices seem fair enough and I think this is a good way to get started with the project.  I’m also happy to see the case sold on its own, as I think building a GBS-C is the perfect project for someone who wants to take one step past beginner mods, as well as familiarize themselves with Arduino software.  While I’m still really excited for the “GBS-C AIO Kits” that include SCART input and HDMI output, there’s also a large group of people who just want basic VGA/Component in and VGA out.  I usually prefer (just my opinion!) a fully enclosed, 3D-printed case, but these kits certainly do the trick!

Order yours here and make sure to set the drop-down menu options as you prefer:

As a note, if you’re building your own, I highly recommend getting a high quality power supply like this one:

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