Rany Battikh

GameCube Swiss Updates (January – February 2020)

For the past couple of months, the team behind Swiss, the brilliant Gamecube essential toolkit, has been hard at work custom tailoring their firmware to provide a smooth experience for the console’s power users, especially adopters of SD-card based solutions.

They also added a ton of new features, fixed bugs and improved compatibility even further this time. Devices like Citrus3000psi‘s GC-Loader, Nintendo’s Brodband Adapter and the WiiKey Fusion among others now function faultlessly under the latest version(s) of Swiss.

Here’s the list of changes that the team applied to their latest firmware 0.4 r798:

  • Add exception for PAL games booted through IPL.
  • Show disc number when other disc has been found.
  • Generalize text encoding patch for early SDK.
  • Remove debug log spam.
  • Add text encoding patch for BS2.
  • Add region patch for BS2.
  • Add video patches for BS2.
  • Port Wiikey Fusion over to the new patches.
  • Add boot through IPL feature.
  • Rewrite workaround for CPU lockup on EFB Z peek during a copy operation.
  • Fix DVD read starting in the alignment for a previous patched file.
  • Don’t allocate audio streaming buffer for new patches.
  • Reimplement DVD-R spin-up.
  • Added check of SP2 slot for cheats when on a different device

Make sure to check all 4 previous versions as well and have a look at the entire list of achievements done, since we last covered Swiss updates in late December 2019.

It goes without saying that it is always recommended to update to the latest version for performance and stability purposes: