Rany Battikh

FXPAK (SD2SNES) Unofficial Firmware 1.10.3 by Furious

Developer Furious has just released an unofficial firmware for the FXPAK/Pro (formerly known as as SD2SNES) SNES rom-cart, that combines both his save-states functionality and Redacted173‘s recent Super Game Boy implementation into Ikari’s latest firmware v1.10.3.

In late 2018, Furious introduced, through a custom firmware, a 4-slot-per-game save-states system, that is highly customizable; inputs can be user-defined for each single game and files are directly (no reset needed) stored onto the SD card. Special chip games still don’t support save-states at the moment, and the “In-game Hooks” must be disabled in order for the saving/loading system to work properly .

Redacted173 has recently introduced, through yet another custom firmware, Super Game Boy support into the FXPAK/Pro, a feat that was thought to be almost impossible to achieve until a few months ago. In addition to save-states, Redacted173‘s core adds support for both of the Super Game Boy revisions as well as their respective bios versions.

An official firmware will eventually include both aforementioned functions, but until then FXPAK/Pro users can enjoy save-states and SGB support through Furious‘s unifying custom firmware.

Here some features that are included in the current revision of Furious unofficial 1.10.3-frs-v12:

  • Merged SGB branch (Thanks to redacted173)
  • New menu options for SGB including firmware version selection (SGB1 / SGB2)
  • Fixed slow loading on SD2SNES Pro (SD debug logging was left enabled)

Redacted173‘s Super Game Boy github: https://github.com/redacted173/sd2snes/releases
Furious‘s custom firmware info and download(s): https://github.com/furious/sd2snes/releases


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