FPGA Panel with

I was lucky enough to be part of a panel at Retro World Expo with Lon from, where we gave an introduction to FPGA’s and helped spread the word about all the wonderful achievements going on in the scene.

I was both surprised and impressed at how many people attended the panel with little to no knowledge of the FPGA retro gaming scene, but came in wanting to learn as much as they could.  I really hope we did a good enough job bringing everyone up to speed and it’s always so exciting to meet people with the desire to experience these new ways to play older games.

I absolutely love doing live panels and podcasts, but we’re all humans prone to making mistakes…and I always seem to make a few every time I’m live.  This time, I’d like to address two corrections from the panel:

  • At about the 15 min mark, I said the SNES special chip support was ported over from the SD2SNES, but that’s not right!  The pretty crazy truth is that one person, srg320, wrote that code all by themselves! This was a pretty embarrassing mistake for me (I confused it for a different project), as has always been about celebrating all the awesome people in the retro gaming community!  I feel awful that I may have taken credit away from where it’s deserved!  My apologies to the MiSTer team.


Thanks again to both Lon as well as the amazing group of people that showed up.  I hope to meet you all again and to help spread the word of FPGA’s to new people at upcoming expos!

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