Fixel Launches Pre-Orders on a multi-console ODE + PCFX

Fixel has just opened pre-orders on three new Optical Drive Emulators!  The first two are for the PCFX:  One is $300 and will replace the internal drive and the other is $315 will work alongside the original drive.  The next is called the Phøde and is designed to work on many different consoles.  Check the full list below (and the thumbnail ;p), but there are some really important “firsts” here;  It’s the first ODE Sega CD, as well as the CDi!  Plus, support for more consoles is coming soon.  The price is $250 and they’re due to arrive this fall!

PCFX (Both Versions):

Phøde Features:

  • Full size SDCard with FAT and ExFat file system support.
  • easy configuration
  • iso, ccd, cue/bin/img and gdi support
  • Supports Philips CD-i consoles with solder on board
  • Supports Sega Dreamcast VA0, VA1 and VA2
  • Supports Sega Saturn (20 and 21 pin variants)
  • Supports Playstation PU7, PU8(2 variants) and PU18 (with more variants later)
  • Supports Sega CD 1, CD2, XEye, CDX console variants
  • Supports mystery mechanism (will be revealed in June) Supports mystery feline (will be revealed in June)
  • Supports mystery friend (will be revealed in June) QSB (quick solder boards) for all solder-on variants Breakout FFC for future added consoles.
  • More consoles will be added with firmware updates

PCFX Features:

  • Full size SDCard support with FAT and ExFAT file systems. It simplifies extension install.
  • Improved loading times
  • CUE/BIN/SUB/CCD support with WAV or CDDA tracks Simple image selection via boot menu Optional retention of original drive (select during checkout)

For support and questions please visit

Also, if you have experience beta testing, compatible consoles and want early access to purchase your unit, you can sign up below.  This is a limited beta, so there aren’t many slots open, but if you’re interested, give it a try:

pcfx Early access limited beta program sign up
Phøde early access limited beta program sign up

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