Final Vendetta – Neo Geo Cartridges

Bitmap Bureau have just opened pre-orders on Neo Geo versions of their well-received beat em’ up game, Final Vendetta.  The game was previously released on modern platforms with a vinyl soundtrack, but now they’re bringing it to the Neo Geo!  There’s both AES and MVS versions available, with standard, limited and “super limited” editions.  The prices range from about $415 to $615 and they should ship this winter.

Check out all versions here:

I gotta say, this feels like the perfect fit for the Neo Geo platform.  I’m so happy to see the team take the time to make this port!  While the cartridges aren’t cheap, most Neo Geo collectors would be happy to pay for a high-quality, modern game – Both AES collectors who love to display the large, fancy boxes and arcade machine owners who want an original cart added to their multi-slot MVS!

I do hope they’ll eventually release a ROM for sale, for use with both ROM carts and MiSTer…but I completely support the decision to hold off until after the game has shipped.  Piracy can really cripple both current and future projects, so I hope the team can recoup some costs before worrying about ROMs floating around.  Either way, if you’d like to play the game right now, here’s links to Switch and PlayStation versions:

Final Vendetta Switch:
Final Vendetta PS5:
Final Vendetta PS4:


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