FERRISA 4X2 HDMI 2.1 Matrix Switch

I recently tested a 4×2 matrix switch that’s compatible with HDMI 2.1 devices (4K120).  It performed well with no dropouts, was compatible with the RetroTINK 4K and ARC worked.  That said, it’s not “PS3 compatible”, it doesn’t pass CEC control and doesn’t offer Dolby Atmos EDID emulation.  If you’re just looking for a 4K120 HDMI matrix switch, this might be perfect for you.  Sadly, this isn’t the “perfect” switch I’ve been looking for.  Check out the rest of the post and see if the sub-$200 price range makes it a fit for your setup:

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4K60 EDID Emulator:
4K120 EDID Emulator:

I’ll start with the good:  Unlike many other HDMI switches and splitters I’ve tested, there were no signal drops.  It worked well as a matrix switch, meaning any one of the inputs can be assigned to either output.  That means it can work like a splitter, or like two HDMI switches in one.  Also, ARC was sent perfectly to my receiver, with volume control working well.  And it worked with the RetroTINK 4K’s input and outputs, so you can feel free to use it either way.

And while I don’t have a newer console to test 4K120, my friend Beast does and he confirmed it’s working perfectly switching between those consoles and a 4K120 display.  He’s actually the one who recommended I try this switch, as it’s been working great overall in his setup.

It won’t work for everyone’s setup though and the first problem, is it’s not “PS3 Compatible”.  This is an annoying limitation that will prevent you from doing things like running a streaming box into your RT4K.  While sure, you can just get an HDCP stripper, that could cause longer dropouts during resolution changes…and it’s just one more component to deal with.

The next issue, is there’s no Dolby Atmos EDID emulation.  That means if your receiver can handle Atmos, but your TV (or RT4K) can’t, it’ll default to whatever format the lesser-device supports.  I tried swapping HDMI ports and changing settings, but there was no difference:  If one of the HDMI outputs doesn’t support Atmos, both HDMI ports will be listed as “not compatible”.  I was able to get around this by using one of the EDID emulators linked above, but for almost two hundred dollars, it was annoying to have to resort to more equipment to pass Atmos to my receiver while using my older TV.

Also, this doesn’t pass CEC control at all.  I imagine in many scenarios that’s a good thing, but if you want all your equipment to power off with one button, it won’t be possible with this switch.  That certainly wouldn’t be a dealbreaker, but being able to assign CEC per-output would have been a much cooler option.

I’ll be honest – I didn’t even test the audio extraction.  It’s really rare to have a SPDIF output perform badly and you can’t get more modern audio formats through it anyway.  Analog audio from these switches normally range from “terrible” to “passible” and aren’t used at all with surround formats.  Audio testing takes a long time and I just don’t think it was needed from those ports.

So, if you’re looking to connect your HDMI-modded consoles, as well as modern consoles like a PS5 to both your TV and RT4K, this switch should work fine.  If you’re looking for a total “PS3 compatible” solution, this isn’t for you.  And to be honest, the switch I’ve been looking for, would require four outputs, allowing the following:  TV, AVR, Capture Card, RT4K.  Maybe we’ll see an 8×4 switch soon that can do it all?

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