FBX’s SSDS3 Audio Amp Bypass

UPDATED:  There are new boards available to purchase:

FirebrandX had just released installation instructions and a demo of his latest SSDS3 audio amp bypass.  A quick history…

The SSDS3 is a device that plugs into the back of PC Engine and Turbo Grafx-16 consoles and does three things: Flash Cart (HU card roms), Optical Drive Emulator (CD ISO’s) and RGB output.  It’s functionality as a ROM Cart/ODE is great, however the audio and video quality suffer greatly to do design neglect (harsh but true).  Voultar has been working on an RGB bypass board to fix all of the video issues and FBX has been working on the audio issues.  This is a solid fix for the audio problem and (in my opinion) a fairly easy installation and something every SSDS3 owner should do! 

As a note, the amp board is the same one used is FBX’s model 1 Genesis audio amp, however be sure to specify you want the SSDS3 configuration on the ordering page. This is due to the volume circuit using a different rating on a couple of the resistors..

Purchase the board here (scroll down):

Purchase the SSDS3 here:

Installation instructions here:

Audio demo:


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