Everdrive N8 Pro Firmware v2.12

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the Everdrive N8 Pro;  A ROM cart that comes in both Famicom and NES variants and plays roms from both consoles, as well as the Famicom Disk System.  The most interesting addition to this firmware is a “save state recovery option”:  When you overwrite a previous save state, the N8 Pro will automatically copy the overwritten state to the 99th slot.  This is excellent news, as it essentially turns slot 99 into a “recycle bin” and prevents accidentally loosing your state.

Download the latest firmware here:
Everdrive N8 NES US Seller:
Everdrive N8 NES  UK Seller:
Everdrive N8 Famicom:
Everdrive N8 Famicom UK Seller:

Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Fix for MMC5
  • Fixed cart button hook for in-game menu
  • Fix for mapper 90
  • Included mapper 209
  • In-game menu remember the last selected item
  • State recovery option*

*99th save slots turn into recovery slot.
Before than new save data will be written to the any of save slots, old save data from current slot will be copied to recovery slot automatically.

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