Rany Battikh

Everdrive N8 firmware 1.25 & Pro firmware 2.11

Krikzz has just released firmware updates for both models of his N8 (N8 and N8 Pro) line of rom-carts. Both updates introduce an updated YM2413 core by Necronomfive.

The YM2413 (aka OPLL) is typically associated with the Master System/Mark III as it is the chip that generates the FM audio found in over 60 games. As for the Famicom, a derivative of the YM2413 was used in Konami’s last MMC (aka mapper), the VRC7. Only 2 games were ever released that had the VRC7 on board and one of them took advantage of the expansion audio capabilities of the YM2413: the cult classic RPG Lagrange Point.

Necronomfive was responsible for the back-then groundbreaking YM2413 core that got implemented into the MegaEverdrive X7 a few years ago. This time around his Famicom version of the core received an update that focuses on improving the overall accuracy of the 4-bit instruments found on all of the 6 used FM synth channels.

The regular N8 also received minor bug fixes for the MMC3 mapper.




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