EverDrive GBA Firmware v1.16

Krikzz has just released a new firmware for the EverDrive GBA ROM cart that fixes games that use eeprom saves, when using it with the Analogue Pocket.  This shouldn’t affect real hardware and nothing has been lost, only gained.  If you’re using a Pocket, this is a must-have, but other users can probably just wait for the next one.

Download the latest firmware here:
Purchase the EverDriveGBA (US Seller):
Purchase the EverDriveGBA (UK Seller):
More ROM Carts (including GB, etc):

I’d just like to take a quick moment to remind everyone that these EverDrive cartridges are designed to work on original hardware.  Krikzz has absolutely no obligation to provide these totally free updates for use with modern recreations of those original consoles, but he still chooses to do so.

While I imagine it must be frustrating to buy a Pocket, not have a jailbreak firmware available and not have it work with your ROM cart, it’s important to recognize a few things:  First, the Pocket is brand new.  Your frustrations are warranted, but give Analogue some time to try and work out bugs they didn’t catch in testing.

Next, you have to realize that all fancy marketing aside, Analogue products are not original hardware.  From a gaming perspective, they pretty much are…but if you use devices that were designed for original hardware only, they may never work on anything other than original hardware.  Or, even original versions of original hardware; You can’t use a Sega Card on an SMS 2 and you can’t use an official Nintendo RGB cable on a SNES Mini (without a mod).  In those scenarios, you wouldn’t blame the Sega Card or RGB cable, would you?

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