Everdrive 64 & MEDPro Firmware Updates

Krikzz has recently posted firmware updates for both the Mega Everdrive Pro and the Everdrive 64:

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The MEDPro got a few bugfixes centered around the audio that the cart generates.  The cart already proved to be extremely accurate to the original when tested in the review, so any other tweaks are just pushing it that much closer.

The Everdrive 64 also got two firmware updates within the past few weeks, containing many bugfixes and also implementing the new way of backing up save game files that was introduced in the previous MEDPro firmware, which is really handy.  Krikzz also updated the developer software for people who connect the ED64 to their computer via the USB port:

The full list of changes for both are listed below:

Mega Everdrive Pro Changes:

  • Fixed audio clicks when using cd images with wav tracks
  • Fixed problem when save-state preview via in-game menu causes state loading
  • Fixed controllers lock-up in j-cart tennis games
  • SRAM switched off for Puggsy
  • Fixed audio drops during Popful Mail FMV
  • Minor system improvements

Everdrive 64 Changes:

  • Fixed broken SRAM saves for v3/v2.5
  • Fixed Neon-beta crashes
  • Neon updated to version 2.0 beta 1
  • Support for save type selection for emulators via save_db.txt
  • Games loaded via usb now can have own save file (usb64 v1.0.0.1 required)
  • Emulator games can be loaded via usb (usb64 v1.0.0.1 required)
  • Saves management changes*
  • Included supports for EverDrive-V3 and V2.5
  • save_db.txt supports settings for RTC and game region. Description inside of file
  • Deleting files via cartridge menu
  • System files structure changed
  • OS will automatically boot autoexec.v64 if such file found in ED64 folder
  • Fixed problem with Densha de Go! translation
  • Compatibility for Conker BFD and Perfect Dark encrypted prototypes

*System will move save data from battery ram to SD card every time when cartridge boots to menu (instead of moving when game changed).
It makes save system more clear and prevent lost of data for last played game if battery dry out.

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