EON Announces GCHD Mk-II for $150


EON has just announced their latest product, a dual-outputting GCVideo plug & play solution that can simultaneously output analog signals and HDMI – The FIRST of it’s kind to be made commercially available.  It will be available next month for $150, the same price as their previous HDMI-only adapter.

This solution was designed by Dan Kunz, aka Citrus3000Psi and is based off of Unseen’s open-source GCVideo project.  I had the pleasure of testing a prototype of Dan’s solution last year and I can vouch for its high-quality output, as well as dual-output performance.  A full list of features are as follows:

  • Standard-sized HDMI out
  • Additional Wii Component/RGB SCART port
  • Simultaneous analog and digital video output
  • 3.5 mm stereo audio out/MiniTOSLINK (one port, dual use)
  • Updated custom GCVideo firmware
  • A redesigned plug made from ballistic nylon for a snug-and-secure fit
  • 3 new colors (Indigo, Black, and Platinum)

It appears this product will replace their existing GameCube HDMI-only device, as opposed to being sold alongside it.  That makes sense, as there are some good quality HDMI-only solutions being sold at the moment for significantly lower prices.

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