Dune MS Dos Review

St1ka has just posted his review of the game Dune for MS DOS, based off *the movie from the 80’s. While Dune 2 may have had more of an impact on gaming, the original was interesting as it was a combination of a point & click adventure game and a real-time strategy game.

While St1ka’s video focuses on the PC version, he also talks a bit about the Sega CD version of the game.  Overall, St1ka felt the DOS version had much better graphics, but the Sega CD version did have some cool voiceover work on it.  I’ve always wanted to give this game a try and I might play the Sega CD version, simply because I have access to a ROM cart with the game.  Who knows, maybe I’ll try and get it running on the 486 MiSTer core instead…

*The movie is based off the original book series, but this game is modeled after the movie.  As a personal note, I saw the movie before reading the books and absolutely loved it, however after reading the original I can see why the movie annoyed so many people.  There’s also a miniseries from the early 2000’s that’s supposedly okay (I never saw it) and there’s an upcoming adaptation in the works as well.

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