Dual Input SCART & VGA Card for Sony L-Series PVM’s

This input card adds both a SCART and “VGA” input to Sony “L-Series” PVM’s and “DxH Series” BVM’s.  The card offers a sync combiner that allows both RGBs and RGBHV into the VGA input and passes audio from the SCART connector to a 3.5mm jack.  If you have an “L-Series” PVM, this is pretty much a must-have!

Purchase the 129x Dual here:

BNC Version / UK Dual Seller:
Cheap RCA to BNC connectors:
Quality BNC Connectors/Scope Info:

If you’d like more information about how this card was even created in the first place, please check out my video highlighting the original “129x replacement” project:

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