Doom Ported to the Genesis via Mega Everdrive Pro has just created an interesting way to play Doom:  They’ve used the Mega Everdrive Pro’s FPGA to allow the game to run on original Genesis / Mega Drive consoles.  While it is being run through a Genesis, technically most of the processing is being done on the MEDPro’s FPGA.  You can try it yourself by getting the latest versions here:

With Music:
Without Music:

The above links are actually a second revision from when the video was originally posted;  I had tried to test the original and got a green screen when launching.  I contacted, who was gracious enough to help figure out the issue and was able to upload a new version that should be compatible with every combination of MEDPro and Genesis/Mega Drive.

I always think projects like this are really cool and are a great example of what could have been done with expansion chips and these original consoles!  Maybe someday we’ll even see older FPGA cores running on these ROM carts…or hack, even some crazy ray tracing setup like the SNES proof of concept from last year!

If you’d like more info on the MEDPro, please check out the review below!

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