Doom 32X ‘Resurrection’ v1.5 Update

The extremely impressive upgrade to the 32x version of Doom called “Resurrection” has just received an update that improves renderer performance, as well as restores a HUD that’s closer to the original.  This is fully playable on original hardware via ROM carts, as well as via emulation.

Download the patch here (Europe version of the ROM required):
Patching Tool:
Play on real hardware with a ROM Cart:

Its my strong opinion that if you’re a fan of Doom and the 32x, this is a must play, as it demonstrates what could have been possible on the often-neglected mushroom turd of an add-on.  While I think most people – including Sega – knew releasing the 32x wasn’t the best idea, they chose to release it anyway and should have given it the attention any Sega console deserved.  The awesome team of people who contributed to this remake of the game proved the 32x could have been a very capable machine – Try it for yourself and while you’re playing, think of both how impressive this is and how impressive other games of the time could have been as well.

Here’s the changes since the original release:

  • Improved rendering performance by 25%.
  • Restored the “Sign of Evil” music track for E1M8.
  • Menu logos, font and HUD icons revamped by Polonium to closer match the original box art.
  • All maps have proper REJECT lumps now, boosting performance even further.
  • Restored the missing third sight and death grunts for zombie monsters.
  • The game now defaults to fullscreen video mode.
  • Pressing MODE+Start now switches to fist if you have berserk.
  • Fixed the automap being squished vertically and also tweaked default automap scale.
  • The automap is now anti-aliased.
  • Fixed the menu occasionally wouldn’t play the switch sound upon being brought up.
  • The second player can no longer pause or unpause the game in splitscreen mode.

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