Dolby Pro Logic on Modern Receivers

Did you know, some stereo recordings (just the red and white audio cables) actually had surround sound tracks hidden inside them?  And that all you need to access them, is a compatible receiver?  The above video and instructions below will help your test to see if your receiver is compatible and explain how to access those modes in video games, as well as movies!  

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Please post in the YouTube comments and let us know if your receiver works and with which format – Just include the brand, model and if a specific mode needs to be selected for surround to be enabled.  If there’s enough that do – or don’t – support decoding of legacy formats, we’ll add a section to the wiki to keep track.

As a note, these test signals were extracted from three different sources:  The Pro Logic tests were captured from two old Laser Discs via a Denon player’s SPDIF output, into a SPDIF capture card that was MD Fourier approved.  Then, I got the Pro Logic II test from the GameCube version of Star Wars Rogue Leader, extracted using a Carby’s HDMI output, through an HDMI audio extractor, into the same SDPIF capture device.  While neither method was flawless, it’s as close of a representation to the original as I could get and should be more than enough to test your audio setup!

Here’s basic audio files of the tests – We’ll eventually host these on the wiki as well:

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