Rany Battikh

Divide 2k20 for ZX Spectrum

Lotharek just updated the overall design and functionality of his interpretation of the ZX Spectrum multi-purpose device “Divide“.

Originally conceived by Pavel Cimbal, Divide is basically an ATA interface for Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum; Lotharek’s version plugs right into the computer’s expansion port and adds support for loading software directly from a compact flash card, completely eliminating the use of the notoriously aged original cassette tapes.

The newest and much needed revision, named Divide 2k20, adds to the mix 2 joystick ports (removing the need for a Kempston interface), a stereo output, an AY-3-8912 IC (a 3-channel audio chip that was present on the Spectrum 128) among other features:

  • powerfull CPLD 
  • 4 layers pcb
  • ROHS compliant
  • bulit in 2  joystick ports working in 4 modes:
    • JOY 1 – KEMPSTON/Sinclair 2 ( keys 6,7,8,9,0) / Protek (AGF/Cursor keys)
    • JOY 2  – Sinclair 1 (keys 1,2,3,4,5) 
  • firmware flashable slots ( FatWare, Esxdos, Demfir, Diagnorom)  selectable with dip switch
  • SMD elements – low power consumption
  • 2 joystick ports 
  • AY sound generator with ABC/ACB selector –
  • Beeper sound on both channels – NEW – MOVIE 
  • 2 pcbs piggyback`ed (main divide and joystick adapter) 
  • stereo jack sound output 
  • 2 joysticks ports top addon\
  • RAPID FIRE add-on pcb – hardware autofire with adjustable frequency

Another popular plug-and-play modern solution also exists for the ZX Spectrum in the form of Divmmc: a less featured SD-card based adapter.

The ultimate ZX Spectrum setup though, in my opinion, would consist of: a Spectra interface for RGB video out and a Divide 2k20. (The Divide can be plugged right into the Spectra)

The CPLD-based Divide 2k20 is priced at ~65$ and can be ordered through Lotharek‘s shop here: