Dialing In Optimal Profiles on the RetroTINK 4K

FirebrandX has recently posted a video that shows how to make optimal profiles for the upcoming RetroTINK 4K scaler.  This video is designed for people who are looking for pixel-perfect scales of consoles that FBX hasn’t already made a profile for.  Most people will NOT need to do this…but for those of us who like tinkering, this video is extremely helpful.  More info after the links:

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To be clear: YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO THIS!!!!  I need to be COMPLETELY clear that all RetroTINK products are plug-and-play.  And on top of that, the RT4K will come with a ton of pre-loaded FBX profiles that only require you to select the profile and input.  That’s IT.

As stated above, these instructions are for people who choose to tinker.  I always thought we were clear about this stuff, but many people on social media still think all this tinkering is required.  It is not and never has been.  Sigh.  Anyway, if you’d like more info on the RT4K, here’s the launch video:

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