DF Retro: The F-Zero Saga Revisited

John Linneman & Audi Sorlie from Digital Foundry has just posted another excellent documentary about the Super Nintendo launch title F-Zero.  As with typical DF Retro videos, you get a glimpse into the history of the game, it’s technical achievements and how the series progressed.

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While I can’t really add anything to the awesome video, I can definitely say this:  F-Zero has been a go-to title for me ever since I got a SNES as a kid.  Whether it was testing a console mod, display, or just wanting to kill a few moments playing a fun racing game, any time I’m around a Super Nintendo, it’s usually played, even for just one race.  In fact, my FXPak Pro always has that game listed as a recent play!  I’m happy to see it, as well as the rest of the series gets the recognition it deserves!

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