DF Retro: Brand New Mega Drive/Genesis Games

John Linneman just posted an excellent video showcasing the development and history of two modern Sega Genesis / Mega Drive games:  Matt Phililps’ Tanglewood and Bitmap Bureau’s Xenocrisis.  I was really happy to see such a detailed, positive video showcasing the people who are still embracing these platforms and finding new ways to innovate them.

Both of these games are very different – both in their gameplay and development!:  Xenocrisis is an action game inspired by Super Smash TV and features top-down graphics with a “dual control stick” style of gameplay, while Tanglewood is a side-scrolling puzzle adventure inspired by Limbo, Flashback, Another World and other platformers.

Definitely check out the video if you’d like more info on both excellent games.  Also, if you’d like to hear more from Matt Philips, check out the interview I did with him on Tanglewood’s launch day…and for more Xenocrisis action, check out Ray’s review!:

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