Custom Atari 7800 Game Rikki & Vikki Available Soon

A brand new Atari 7800 cartridge will be available next month for $60 and has just been released on Windows via Steam for $10:

In my opinion, the most interesting feature of the game is it’s custom audio chip they’re calling the “BupChip”, making this a game that allows the 7800 to output a quality it’s never been able to before.  More info on this chip, as well as some of their development tools can be found on the AtariAge thread:

Main game features Include:

• Six colossal caverns with 100 puzzles to challenge and master.
• High-definition graphics with seven dazzling colors.
• Unique adventures for both one and two players.
• Dynamic difficulty lets you play for story or go for the high score.
• Both foxes and boxes on-screen simultaneously.
• 6 MEGA-POWER of intense inconvenience.

For more information, please check out the main website:


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