CPS2IOI Pre-Order

Mike, the creator of the HAS has just opened pre-orders on pre-assembled versions of his CPS2IOI board.  This device is meant to be used with Markus’ CPSHDMI project, allowing for a fully-functional CPS2 without a supergun!:

The pre-order page has options to add a kick harness, controller adapter and more, starting at around $45 USD for the pre-assembled board itself.  I recommend getting the custom short kick harness as well.

The design files and BOM are also available to download for people who want to make their own.  Please keep in mind, maknig these in low quantites can cost almost double what Mike’s charging for the pre-assembled boards:

Anyone looking for a different style adapter can check out Sentinal Supergun creator Frank’s version here:

Here’s a tweet showing how mine looks:

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