Clear NES Shell Pre-Orders Open

Retro Game Restore has just opened “early bird” pre-orders on a clear front-loading NES shell, that includes both a top and bottom with new screws.  The price came to $125 total after shipping to the US and delivery is expected in Spring of this year.  After the “early bird” pre-order sales are over, the price will go up a bit and you’ll have a choice of just the top shell, or the complete kit.  I’m glad this will be a future option, as I know just as many people with a completely beat up NES, as I do people with a mint bottom, but a cracked and yellowed top!

Pre-order yours here:

You can also purchase (or pre-order) this, as well as other RGR clear shells right from CastleMania Games:

After the pre-orders are over and the project is completely funded, RGR also mentioned plans to make just a clear top for Famicom consoles as well.  This is excellent news, as there are so many yellowed Famicom tops out there…plus those consoles have the cool eject mechanism, which will look great under the clear shell.

Also, I’m really happy RGR has been including new screws with the SFC shells they’re currently shipping and I’m glad they plan on including them with this too;  Old case screws have been known to break in new shells, plus so many NES consoles have missing screws anyway!

Lastly, as always, I need to address the price:  You get what you pay for.  While yes, it is expensive, these high quality injection molds are extremely expensive and RGR doesn’t sell the quantities required to bring the price down.  I’ve purchased every case they’ve made so far and each time my opinion is the same:  Not everyone will want to spend that much on a shell, but people who are looking for a high quality replacement will definitely feel like they’ve got their money’s worth!

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