Chimeric Systems Xbox HDMI Adapter Pre-Orders Open

Chimeric Systems is opening another round of pre-orders for their original Xbox plug and play HDMI adapter.  This adapter is compatible with every revision, as well as every resolution the Xbox outputs.

Pre-orders will be live on Monday the 4th at 10AM ET:

If you’re playing on a flat-panel, using an HDMI solution is always recommended, as it’s been discovered that most modern TV’s add more lag from the component video inputs than the HDMI input.  Luckily, if you already own a set of high quality cables for the original Xbox, such as the official Microsoft HD Pak, or Monster cables, all you’ll need is a cheap Component to HDMI converter.  If you don’t already own good component cables, the Chimeric Systems adapter does the equivalent of the above solution in the most efficient way possible, with the least amount of video degradation you can expect from analog to digital solutions.

Basically, it’s by far the best plug & play HDMI adapter for the original Xbox.

Check out the video before for more info on Xbox output solutions:

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