Chilly Willy’s Sega CD Homebrew collection: 512 Color Image Viewer, Mod Player and 512 Color Ray Cast Engine

My latest video takes a step back from modern dev in Sega homebrew and instead looks at some old skool projects from over a decade ago that have unfortunately been all but forgotten.

The video covers the Genesis’s (much spoken about at the time) 512 color Fantom Bitmap mode engineered by Oerg866 (Overdrive / Overdrive 2) and presents implementations by both Comrade OJ on the Genesis and Chilly Willy on the Sega CD.  I also take a look at Chilly Willy’s MOD Player that plays MODs adapted on the fly to play via the Sega CD’s PCM RAM.  Finally, I wrap the video up by taking a look at a 512 color ray cast engine for the system that combines the use of both Fantom Bitmap mode and the MOD player.

My objective with the video was to make the projects featured as accessible as possible to those who may want to play with them.  I worked with Chilly Willy to source the code for the projects featured and then spent a month getting to grips with the code and modernising the projects.  The DCI3 Image Viewer gained a UI, the MOD player a more responsive UI and the ray cast engine a UI and character animations.  Barone helped me to select suitable resources to demo in the projects.  While Vic (Doom 32x:: Resurrection) helped me to implement Docker streamlining the setup of Chilly Willy’s MD/CD/32x/CD32x development kit (yes it does do CD32x but not here!) to use the projects.  These are now accessible via my GibHub.

Overall, the video took about 2 months to complete! I hope you all enjoy it!

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